How Has the Lord Called on Me?

I was born in the family with four siblings. My father died when I was nine months because of cancer. Someone told me “your father sails on a rectangular boat.” Therefore, I thought that my father was on the sea a long time. I would always play kite with my brother on the beach to wait for my father…When did I know the truth about my father’s death, my mother taught me how to pray.

For my brother and sisters still were too small, my aunt did not get married; along with my mother, she took care of us. Each day, I saw my grandfather picking my mother up from the salt field. Then, my mother picked my aunt up from the sea. My siblings had to dropout school very early. Everyone  sacrificed to offer me the best education. I thank God so much for giving me a family. Until now, my childhood’s memories have still been vivid in my mind. I know that I was born to be beloved. My family itself is my motivation for undergoing the different challenges in my life.

When I was ten years old, I had to go far away my family. For me, that moment was very difficult to adapt to a new place while there was no close relatives beside me. Because of this, I would always talk with my little friend-the Holy Baby Jesus and my father. Gradually, I became happier  because I had a good school with good teachers and dear friends. Moreover, I became more mature too.

I had many dreams when I was in high school; however, becoming a teacher was my greatest dream. Partly, I would be like my good teachers; besides that,  there are many negative opinions about the Catholic Church that I can not express at that time for them. I hope if I would be a teacher, I could do something for my homeland, especially for children.

Nevertheless, while preparing for the university, I visited a monastery. I saw monks in prayer… I silently wanted to become a nun.

I nourished my dream in the university. Even so, I got very sick. I could not step or do something by myself. I found all the darkness in front of me. I cried a lot. There was only one thing in me that God knows me very well and He will give me my future. Miraculously, after nearly two years, I became better and better. I also realized that the more difficulties, the more love is clearly revealed in my life.  Thus, when I earned the degree in  the university, I sought for a congregation that will accept me. However, four congregations said “no” to me because of my health. “Every sign showed that the Lord does not want me to become a nun”. I thought and decided to get married instead a year after.

At the same time, I met  a priest. He saw me, talked with me and said, “when the Lord closes the main door, He will  open another door for you. Let’s look for it”. He helped me join a retreat with the Lover of the Holy Cross (LHC). I truly recognized that in my deep heart, the Lord still calls on me. In addition, the superior of LHC also accepted me. As a winning goal scored at the ninetieth minute of  the football match, how happy I am!

Thus, I have become a nun like that. The Lord has laid everything happening in my life. Even though, I am slow and stupid, He waits patiently until I am aware of His messages. He also likes to make me surprised.  Thank to God and thank to the life.

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